Roman Shades Santa Barbara

Roman Shades Santa Barbara

Roman Shades Santa Barbara

Window coverings provide a soft, elegant polish to a room regardless of its interior design. Different kinds of covers serve different kinds of purpose. But if you’re looking for something that offers a classy yet practical use that can also provide privacy and warmth to a room, opt for Roman shades. Drapes are often too fussy while blinds can be a bit cold. Roman shades sit between the two. If you’re looking for a Roman shades Santa Barbara service, you can’t do any better than Santa Barbara Upholstery.

Our Roman shades Santa Barbara service is different from others because we only use materials that are made in the US and that are certified by several Quality Control valuations. Santa Barbara Upholstery also employs nothing less than professional upholsterers and artisans, window and fabric experts and design teams who have years-long experience under their belts. We create custom-made, streamlined Roman shades using high-quality materials and advanced technology to make them safe to use.

Santa Barbara home and business owners can visit our workroom and showroom to personally see how we make different window treatments like Roman shades. A window expert will assist you upon arrival and give you a tour inside so that you can see, feel and touch the materials we use to create our customized projects. One of the reasons why people gravitate toward Roman shades is its versatility. During your tour in our show and workroom, our window expert will give you information about Roman shades – and other treatments for that matter – to help you decide if it’s the covering you need for your windows.Roman Shades Santa Barbara

Roman shades can be considered a go-to window cover, and for good reason. It’s one of the most preferred treatment styles today. In fact, this has always been the case since the Roman empire, hence its name. They are the most classic choice as well. And since Roman shades are primarily made of fabric, they rarely look unattractive.

Apart from their visual appeal, Roman shades are also functional. They provide privacy from the outside world. If you prefer, they can let the natural light come in. They also keep the look and feel of the room tidy and uncluttered.

There are different style options to synch or complement with every room’s interior design. Our Roman shades Santa Barbara service includes providing you with options to help you determine which style works best with your windows. Let me give you a rundown on some of the Roman shades styles our experts from Santa Barbara Upholstery can do.

First off are the unconstructed flat Roman shades. This is the minimalist approach to Roman shades. Their beauty comes from their simplicity. These Roman shades are typically made with just one piece of fabric that drapes flat on a window. Because they’re unconstructed, they don’t have back bars or additional panels. Patterned fabrics work well with unconstructed flat Roman shades as the treatments don’t have any horizontal seams to complicate the pattern.

On the other hand, we also customize constructed flat Roman shades that create a modern, uncluttered look, perfect for various interior designs. They are versatile enough to work well with traditional to modern decor. They look particularly good when paired with drapes for added privacy and decoration. Constructed flat Roman shades have fabric panels that are sewn together. They also have back bars affixed roughly six to eight inches apart to support and strengthen the structure.

Then there are the relaxed Roman shades. As the name suggests, these are the shades that have a laid-back look and feel. They are still classy, but more casual than the other types of Roman shades. They also work best with windows that have a width of 54 inches or less. Relaxed Roman shades are also called London shades.

Balloon Roman shades are highly decorative. They complement traditional home decors well. However, because of their structure, they’re not ideal for daily use. They have inverted box pleats on top and soft scalloping patterns at the bottom. They also need to be mounted outside.

Waterfall Roman shades or soft folds have permanent folds that are either lowered or raised. They are typically made of fabric, but in some instances, they can also be made of bamboo.

Arguably, the most common type of Roman shades are the pleated ones. Pleated Roman shades offer neat folds that are sewn four to five inches apart. The intervals create substance and body to the Roman shades. The panels cascade and are stacked uniformly on top of one another when they are raised. Pleated Roman shades also have sewn rod pockets and dowel inserts to give the shades body and strength. They are also referred to as tucked Roman shades and evokes a Zen-like vibe.

If you’re looking for the most traditional or formal type of shades, our Roman shades Barbara service can customize Austrian Roman shades for you. This type has defined vertical and horizontal rows of fluted fabric with a scalloped design at the bottom. Due to these features, the Austrian Roman shades needs a lot more material – usually more than the double of what’s used on typical flat Roman shades.

Most home and business owners prefer Roman shades over other window treatments because of their minimalist, unfussy and streamlined look. Not to mention the fact that the fabric choice for these shades are limitless. In our fabric library alone – which you can see for yourself when you visit our workroom – you’ll find thousands of fabrics to choose from. Our window experts can help you narrow down the choices based on the purpose of the Roman shades, your lifestyle and your personal preference.

Also, Roman shades are known for their adaptability. They do not only look good, they also provide better temp control compared to other window treatments and shades. During wintertime, you can draw the shades on top to let the sunshine in. During summertime, you can close the shades to ward off the heat of the sun.

Take advantage of all these benefits with our Roman shades Santa Barbara service. With 30+ years of experience, Santa Barbara is the one you can trust to deliver the best Roman shades for your windows. Call us at 805-259-3237 for more details.

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