Custom Drapes Santa Barbara

Custom Drapes Santa Barbara

Custom Drapes Santa Barbara

The secret to a well-dressed window is details, details and more details. And you can get all these details without spending a lot with custom draperies. Windows are often the focal point of a room, so it’s important its treatment highlights the style or design you want the room to display. The great thing about drapes is that they’re not just for show. Well-made custom draperies are also functional. With our custom drapes Santa Barbara service, you do not just get the visual appeal you’re aiming for, you’ll also have drapes that are exceptionally made and useful.

At Santa Barbara Upholstery, you have custom drapes designed and created to the clients’ specific requirements. Whatever concept or style you have in mind, we can handle it for you. Our team of window experts, fabric specialists, and professional tailors work together to turn the drapes of your dreams into reality. Our custom drapes Santa Barbara service gives you access to our fabric library that houses thousands of materials you can choose from. We have fabrics in different textures, prints, and patterns. We have organic materials, synthetic textiles, and blended fabrics. We also have an extensive collection of drapery hardware to fit whatever style of drapes you want.

Choosing custom drapes over off-the-rack curtains for your home or office gives you the ability to choose everything based on your preference. With ready-made drapes available in shopping malls, your choices are limited to what they offer. You can find vibrant color curtains that match your current interior, but they can be in the wrong size. You may also see drapes with beautiful textures, but they’ll clash with your window design.

With our custom drapes Santa Barbara service, you won’t have to go through these problems, and you don’t need to compromise. We’ll make the drapes based on your preference in color, texture, pattern, and style. We’ll also make sure the draperies fit your lifestyle. This means choosing the right materials if you want your drapes to provide more privacy or if you’re living with a pet at home. You won’t second-guess yourself because we’ll work together to ensure you approve every step we take.

Custom draperies are ideal particularly if you’re looking for a distinct style to match your unique windows. You get to have the style or design you actually want. Our design team will help you polish the concept you have in mind to ensure you only showcase the best window drapes that will leave a lasting impression to everyone. It’s also important that you’re clear about the purpose of your drapes. Why do you need window shades in the first place? What is the primary objective of these drapes?

For instance, if you want privacy and the ability to control how much natural light enters the room, lined panels are the way to go. Or, if you just want to filter the light, unlined sheers are great options. If you’re aiming for a more formal setting, drapes made of velvet or silver are your best bet. Our fabric specialists will help you choose the best materials to fit the style and purpose of your drapes.

Another consideration you must factor in is the length of the drapes. How high do you want to hang your draperies? Part of our custom drapes Santa Barbara service is providing accurate calculations and measurements for your drapes. This way, you don’t have to measure on your own, which can result to miscalculations. This is also an advantage custom-made drapes have over ready-made ones. With off-the-rack curtains, you get a general length of drapes that may or may not fit your window frames. But, with custom-made draperies, you can be sure that the measurement from the floor to ceiling is proportioned. Even the rods are measured accurately. The same consideration goes for the number of panels you need for your windows. This really depends on whether you want drapes that can be opened and closed.

You can find a lot of shops in Santa Barbara that sell and customize window draperies, but you can’t do any better than Santa Barbara Upholstery. Our custom drapes Santa Barbara service ensures that your tailor-made draperies are full, lined, pleated, hemmed, and weighted. Ready-made curtains are often flat, which makes them look like cheap sheets. Our custom-made drapes have the fullness that creates the “peaks” and “valleys” you want to see in draperies. These are what make drapes fully dimensional.

We also make sure our custom drapes are lined. Sometimes, we even interline them. Our professional tailors can do different kinds of linings so you can talk to them which type – thin, light batiste, heavy, and so on – is suitable for the style you want. It’s important that you choose the right one because lining extends the lifespan of the drapes as it protects the “face” of the fabric. Linings also add weight and volume to the drape.

Many home and business owners opt for custom drapes because they have pleats, which instantly add glamor and charm to the windows. Off-the-rack drapes often only have a semblance of pleats that are gone after a handful of washes. But not with our custom drapes Santa Barbara service. Our window draperies have pleats – no but’s or if’s. This is the feature that gives the drapes that tailored look. It’s also thanks to the pleats that the drapes can hold and maintain their fullness. There are different kinds of pleats for window draperies. Again, you can discuss this in-depth with our design team and tailors to come up with the best style for your drapes.

Last but not the least, our custom drapes are hemmed and weighted. Unlike what you see on ready-made draperies, the hems of our tailormade drapes are blind-stitched, so they only show small, almost invisible, stitches. We also add small, square weights at the corners of the bottom hem to ensure the drapes hang correctly.

With our custom drapes Santa Barbara service, you’ll never think of buying ready-made curtains ever again. You can visit our workroom and showroom on Cliff Drive to see for yourself how we customize drapes and a lot more. For more information about our Santa Barbara Upholstery services, call us at 805-259-3237.

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