Wall Upholstery Santa Barbara

Wall Upholstery Santa Barbara

Wall Upholstery Santa Barbara

Wall upholstery is fast becoming an in-demand interior design feature, and for good reasons. An upholstered wall provides an avenue to incorporate bold colors, interesting textures and beautiful patterns on a wall without having to paint or renovate the entire room. It’s one of the easiest ways to enhance the look and feel of a room without upstaging other decor. Wall upholstery, when done correctly, also leaves a lasting impression on anyone who enters the room. For home and business owners in California in need of topnotch wall upholstery Santa Barbara service, contact Santa Barbara Upholstery now.

Residents and entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara and its nearby areas can greatly benefit from our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service. For over three decades, Santa Barbara Upholstery has been the go-to service provider of anything upholstery-related in the region. Our team is composed of professional upholsterers, fabric specialists, and design experts. We provide assistance on the get-go. Feel free to ask us anything about wall upholstery, and we’ll gladly give you information to help you make informed decisions.

Wall Upholstery Santa Barbara

Wall upholstery is more than just an aesthetic feature in your home or office. It’s also ideal for acoustic padding and as a temperature equalizer. If you have damaged, aging, worn-out walls, our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service can fix it for you. Instead of covering the uneven paint or rough walls with wallpaper, we can upholster an accent wall to modernize and redesign the room. It’s a cost-effective way to refurbish the entire room.

One of the best things about wall upholstery is the vast choices you have in terms of materials, fabrics, and designs. Part of our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service is giving you access to our fabric library – a room that houses thousands of fabrics and materials you can choose from. I can guarantee that whatever design or concept you have in mind, we have the fabrics and materials to make it happen.

Our fabric specialists will help you narrow down and choose the best fabric for your wall. Working side-by-side with you will help us ensure that your wall upholstery fits the theme of your room, your lifestyle, and your preference. Also, our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service is ideal for traditional and contemporary interiors, and for residential and commercial spaces.

So, why is everyone clamoring for an upholstered wall? Architects and interior designers recommend wall upholstery to their clients because it is both functional and visually appealing. With unique colors, patterns and textures, it can quickly transform the ambiance of a room. It creates a certain charm and softness that ordinary wallpapers or wall accents can’t replicate. The upholstered wall provides excellent acoustic and insulation features. It can minimize sound interference from the outside, which is perfect for apartments and offices where privacy is of great importance.

One of the mistakes home and business owners make when it comes to wall upholstery is choosing the wrong wall. An upholstered wall must not look like it’s just an afterthought or a means to hide the flaws on your wall. Rather, it must be an interior feature or an architectural focal point that seamlessly blends with the other decor in the room.

Another important consideration is the color choice. To keep a cohesive theme and a harmonious balance in the room’s interior design, the color of the wall upholstery must tie in with the rest of the décor. Our fabric specialists can help you choose the right color for your upholstery. We can go with a monochromatic look by picking out a darker shade of the current wall color. Another way to go is to pick out the most vibrant or attention-grabbing color in the room – whether it’s from an art piece, a lamp, the shade of a rug or bedding – and use it to be the primary color of the wall upholstery.

The choice of room is yet another important factor in deciding the look of your upholstery. Our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service includes a detailed discussion with our design team to polish your idea and refine your concept for your wall. Intricate designs usually made with luxurious materials are typically placed in the bedroom or formal living room. Both spaces have walls that are touched or updated on a minimum. Bedroom wall upholstery is a familiar concept because it adds a layer of privacy and coziness to the room. It’s also a good way to emphasize the theme of a room, particularly for guest rooms, to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Regarding wall upholstery in the living room, it’s best to choose a design that is versatile and practical, so it won’t look like a sore thumb when the season changes. Your wall upholstery here will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the room. More often than not, a wall upholstery in a living room becomes the main feature of the room. It’s where every décor and furniture pieces are chosen and placed to complement the upholstered wall.

Adding wall upholstery in children’s rooms is possible, but you must bear in mind that their preference changes as they grow up. But make no mistake that this is also a wall upholstery Santa Barbara service that we can deliver. We also provide wall upholstery suited for dining rooms, media rooms, conference rooms, and entryway.

You can have the best wall upholstery for your home or office space with the help of Santa Barbara Upholstery. We continue to be the best upholstery service provider in the region as we deliver exceptional artistry, innovative designs, and unmatched customer service and support. You can also visit our workroom and showroom so you can see for yourself our seamless operation. It also should be noted that all the materials we use are made in the US and have passed several Quality Control valuations.

For the latest in wall upholstery – and any upholstery-related news for that matter – give us a call at 805-259-3237. You may also inquire about our wall upholstery Santa Barbara service at design@santabarbaraupholstery.com.

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