Outdoor Cushions Santa Barbara

Outdoor Cushions Santa Barbara

Outdoor Cushions Santa Barbara

Outdoor furniture pieces are often made of metal, wood, and wicker. They look good on their own, but most homeowners prefer to add outdoor cushions for both comfort and style. The thing is, these pillows are left out in the open, so they become dirty and faded over time. The damage happens quickly, especially with ready-made cushions. If you want your outdoor furnishings to last longer, it’s best to have them customized. For the best outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service, contact Santa Barbara Upholstery.

For over 30 years, Santa Barbara Upholstery has been the go-to upholstery service provider in the region. We provide all types of upholstery services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our team is composed of professional upholsterers, fabric specialists, and design experts, all working together to ensure you get the best product that will fit your home for a long, long time. Our outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service is the best in the region because we design to your specifications and only use materials made in the US. Our cushions are constructed with high-density foam covered in Dacron casing. We also use unique materials like Marlex spring units for antique outdoor furniture. Santa Barbara Upholstery’s fabric library also houses thousands of fabrics and materials you can choose from.Outdoor Cushions Santa Barbara

Outdoor cushions bring out the softness and charm in an otherwise rugged-looking or minimalist outdoor interior design. When looking for customized outdoor cushions, you must take several factors into consideration. The pillows must be functional and visually appealing at the same time. They must provide the necessary support when used, and must endure the harsh elements. While off-the-rack cushions are less expensive and easier to acquire as most shopping malls have them, they are rarely the best in terms of durability and craftsmanship.

Also, custom outdoor cushions are typically made from durable materials that are largely resistant to the UV light, rain and snow. Cheaper, off-the-rack cushions are likely made from less resilient fabrics with only a limited lifespan. Santa Barbara Upholstery delivers custom-made work that ensures you get your money’s worth, and then some.

Our outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service provides you with help in picking the exact materials that fit the theme or style you’re going for. We’ll also assess the materials based on their maintenance, pattern, style, and durability for you. If you want custom outdoor cushions that will be suitable for all seasons, learning the makeup of the materials is a must. We’ll gladly tell you everything you need to know so you can make informed decisions.

Custom outdoor cushions are better than ready-made outdoor pillows because the former are tailor-made for your furniture, your lifestyle and your preference. It doesn’t get any better than that. With Santa Barbara Upholstery, you’ll have a team of experts who’ll be with you from step one to the end. If you already have a concept in mind, our design team will polish your ideas to ensure that it fits your outdoor theme and your needs. If you’re uncertain or don’t have any idea yet, our design team will present you with some concepts to see which style you’d like to see in your backyard or patio.

Our fabric specialists, on the other hand, will help you choose the right materials for your outdoor cushions. It’s important that you choose a fabric that is meant for the outdoors. It must be weatherproof and water- and fade- resistant to ensure that your cushions will be useable for a long time. In terms of texture, it’s best to stick with fabrics that can withstand the scorching sun during summer and the bitter cold during winter. Bright color palettes are often used for outdoor cushions because they pop and provide visually appealing accents. Arguably the most important element of outdoor cushions is the fabric used to make them. It’s the most obvious sign of style and quality. It’s also the first part of the cushions that will show wear and tear. When deciding on the fabric to choose, you must also consider the maintenance factor of the material.

It’s important to note that even outdoor furniture under an awning is still susceptible to harsh elements. So even if your cushions are not directly under the sun, with the wrong fabric, they will still fade easily. Because of this, we make sure that the fabric you pick can withstand the elements seasons bring regardless of where the cushions are placed.

Our outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service will provide you with tailor-made pillows that are made locally. All materials we use are also manufactured in the US. Our professional tailors are the best in the business and have years of expertise under their respective belts. Choosing custom outdoor cushions made by Santa Barbara Upholstery is a smart choice because all our cushions have protective inner lining and hidden zippers. For comfort, we make sure they are wrapped in Dacron. To ensure 100% durability, they are also fully serged and have a premium fit and finish.

Our professional craftspeople create custom outdoor cushions based on your design concept and preference. These pillows can be used for window seat cushions, wicker cushions, bench cushions, chaise cushions, and a lot more, in different shapes and sizes.

Our outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service aims to create tailor-made cushions to revitalize your outdoor furniture. We do this using superior materials, exceptional craftsmanship and professional customer care and support.

Santa Barbara Upholstery’s workroom and showroom are open every day. You can visit our place on Cliff Drive to personally see how we upholster and reupholster furniture pieces, make window treatments, sew drapes and cushions and a lot more. When made with expertise and care, outdoor cushions can enhance the look and feel of your patio or backyard in an instant. And that’s what’s our outdoor cushions Santa Barbara service is all about: expertise in our craftsmanship and customer care. Our tailor-made cushions will provide you functionality and visual appeal for a long, long time.

Let’s get started now. Call Santa Barbara Upholstery at 805-259-3237 for more details.

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