Your most prized possession – your 20-year old sofa – is now worn out and unattractive. You and your sofa have been through a lot together – a few house relocations, several breakups, triumphs and failures in your career, a happy marriage and a couple of babies. The sofa is all but ready to give up now. Should you finally let it go or find an upholstery company to have it fixed? Furniture pieces built decades ago are, 90% of the time, made of high-quality materials. These decades-old furniture pieces don’t have to be disposed of just because they look worn-out. To check if your sofa can still be fixed or not, you need the help of a professional upholsterer. And if you’re from California, Santa Barbara upholstery services from Santa Barbara Upholstery is what you need.

You can find a lot of upholstery service providers in Santa Barbara, but not everyone can prove themselves to be the best. Santa Barbara Upholstery can do any type of upholstery service. In fact, we’ve been providing high-quality upholstery services in Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas for more than three decades. Our professional upholsterers, fabric specialists, and design team are all experts in their respective fields. Your old sofa will be in good hands with our Santa Barbara upholstery services.

One of the many reasons why Santa Barbara Upholstery has an extensive list of


clientele is because of the exceptional work we provide. We do this not only through our excellent craftsmanship, but also through our amazing customer support. We make sure you’re well taken care of, not just your furniture. We’ll collaborate with you so the fabrics we use suit your preferences. Every single material we use is also made in the US and has passed a variety of Quality Control valuations.

Every upholstery service provider has their own way of reupholstering furniture pieces. With Santa Barbara upholstery, our professional upholsterers will first assess the state of the furniture starting from its exterior. They will then take off the damaged fabric so they can carefully examine the inner structure. This will allow them to assess the condition of its frame. More often than not, decades-old furniture pieces are only worn-out or damaged on the outside, which is also not surprising since they are consistently used. It’s likely the inner structure of the pieces – the spring, padding, and frame – are still usable. With our Santa Barbara upholstery services, you’ll be informed of how extensive the damages are and see if they’re fixable. We won’t sugarcoat the reality for you and waste your hard-earned money if your sofa is already beyond help. But, if it can be reupholstered, you can count on us to do the best job for you.

It’s not a surprise that a lot of people with older furniture pieces opt for upholstery instead of buying new ones. For one, they know the value of their furniture. And most of the time, older furniture pieces are constructed better.

clients who bring their 10-, 20-, 30-year old furniture and ask us to refurbish only the exterior because its interior is still pretty solid. I’ve also talked to other customers who have furniture pieces that are less than a year old, and the cushions are already misshapen and deteriorating. When it comes to furniture pieces, mainly sofas, it’s all in the bones. Old furniture pieces can be reupholstered because they have better framework, better suspension, and better joining. HIRING OUR SANTA BARBARA UPHOLSTERY SERVICES WILL GUARANTEE YOU A THOROUGH EVALUATION OF THE FURNITURE PIECE. WE’LL DETERMINE THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE PIECE TO SEE IF IT’S WORTH REUPHOLSTERING OR NOT. THERE ARE SEVERAL REASONS WHY OPTING FOR REUPHOLSTERY OVER BUYING A REPLACEMENT IS A SMART MOVE. Maybe your sofa is an antique piece or a family heirloom that carries a lot of sentimental value. This furniture piece is hard to replace, not just because of its unique craftsmanship, but also for the memories it holds. Most of the time, a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture. It can hold moments that have shaped your life. Of course, you wouldn’t just want to throw it away. Upholstery makes it possible for you to keep the sofa and still use it. The quality of the sofa is another important reason why choosing Santa Barbara upholstery is a better choice. Old furniture pieces are usually made of solid hardwood frames, high-density foam and cotton padding, and eight-way, hand-tied coil springs that make them durable and long-lasting. If only an element needs fixing, it would be a shame to disregard the other high-quality materials used to make the piece. In this case, Upholstery can save the day. Comfort and stability are two more reasons to reupholster a furniture. It’s not reaching to assume that your body is familiar with your furniture. You’re likely intimately familiar with the dents, bumps, and snags on the sofa. Choosing to reupholster the furniture is preserving that sense of comfort and stability. You’re getting the same furniture but updated inside and out.

Furniture Upholstery only works if you collaborate with a professional upholsterer who knows what he’s doing and respects your furniture. Our Santa Barbara upholstery services include access to our pool of professional upholsterers, fabric specialists, and design team. When you need upholstery services, it’s best to hire a local service provider. You need to be able to contact the upholsterer in a jiffy, touch and feel the materials yourself, and check out the work progress now and then. Santa Barbara Upholstery has a showroom and workroom where guests are always welcome. When you visit us, you can explore our place and see for yourself how we only deliver top-quality work.

Santa Barbara Upholstery cares for you and cares for the environment, too. We encourage people to choose to reupholster their old furniture rather than buying new ones because the act also benefits Mother Nature. Reupholstering means that parts of the furniture are reused, which boils down to reducing the waste thrown into landfills.

With all these benefits and advantages, our Santa Barbara upholstery services are consistently sought-after by home and business owners. Let Santa Barbara Upholstery handle your furniture situation. For free estimates, call us now at 805-259-3237.